Great places to go for a date night

Deciding on where to go for a date can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be if you keep these ideas in mind.

One of the more extravagant and grand choices for a date, that will definitely impress, is to visit the opera or an orchestral performance. These performances are generally at the larger and more high-end auditoriums in the city so it is not the cheapest date idea, but it will be well worth it in the end. If these sound a little bit too much for you, you can always visit a musical instead, which is slightly more accessible for many people. With the likes of David Babani having his productions performed in London, there is a fantastic wide variety in performances; most of his productions are interesting and very distinctive to what you might anticipate. There is also an amazing variety in the size and type of the auditoriums, ranging from significant and famous ones, to smaller more charming venues that put you right up close to the stage. These places will also play very different musicals, some featuring dramatic and emotional performances, and then some which are light hearted musicals with a comical element to them.

One of the most common date nights is to just go for a meal at a restaurant, while this is pleasant, you can always do a bit better. An option would be to go for a bite to eat and then go out to watch a play later; mixing two different date ideas is an easy way to make your date twice as excellent. You will never be short of ideas, with the West End having many different productions and plays on each weekend. Whatever the genre or type of production you are hoping for, you will be able to come by it in the West End; with such variety you will always come across productions you love, such as the ones produced by Sally Greene. Mixing a nice meal with a trip to a staged production will make for a great date idea and it will surprise your other half a lot more than just choosing a meal.

There are many different things to do on a date and London has all of them. Going to a pleasant or funky bar is a really popular choice, especially for a first date. There are plenty of very interesting and particular bars that you can visit, so you will always have someplace new to try each weekend. Most bars will have music playing, and in a great deal of them the music is one of the biggest elements of the bar. In Soho there is a music bar which is a tremendous place for a date and the bar is just about the most famous 1940’s style bars, so it is far from dull. The bar, owned by Charlie Gilkes, has a tremendous selection of cocktails and sometimes has swing music playing so it is very fun and makes for an amazing date location.

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